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Workout Motivation

Workout Motivation

We all know the benefits and importance of regular exercise, but sometimes working out is just...not that fun. After a long day of work, I would SO much rather be sitting on my comfy couch, in my PJ's, watching Catfish. (Nev is my spirit animal and catching catfishies is actually my dream job). Don't even get me started on trying work out before work. Seriously, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! Below I break down exactly how I stay motivated to keep hitting the gym, even when the tellie is calling my name. 

Find a Workout Buddy

My boyfriend, Jacob, and I have recently traded in our mid-week date nights for after work gym sessions, and going to the gym does not feel like a chore anymore! Instead of just staring at the person on the elliptical in front of me, I have someone to hang out with. He teaches me how to use machines I would have been too intimidated to use on my own, he pushes and motivates me, and overall just keeps me distracted from something that can turn monotonous very quickly. 

Schedule It

Put it on the calendar. I seriously can't stress this one enough! Unfortunately, this sometimes means passing on trivia night and margs, but try to schedule social activities ahead of time and around your gym sched. Can't make it to the gym on a day it was scheduled? Reschedule.

Get in Class! 

When looking for a gym to join, the class schedule was super important to me. Classes are a GREAT way to change up the normal routine, stay motivated, and try something new! My personal favorite classes to take are cardio kickboxing, barre, and yoga. This is also a really easy way to meet people! 

Find a Cute Outfit

You look good, you feel good. Simple as that! Set mini goals for yourself, and once you reach those goals, reward yourself with a new sports bra or those cute shoes you've had your eye on. 

Make a Playlist 

Music can seriously make or break a workout. Let's not even talk about forgetting your headphones at home. Or, in my case, my cats getting to them. TRAGIC. Fortunately for me, my new gym plays the best music, so you can most likely find me dancing and singing to Britney in between sets. I probably get weird looks and Jacob is so embarrassed by me, but as long as it keeps me motivated at the gym then its A-OK! 

What keeps YOU motivated to workout?

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