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Election Thoughts and Silver Linings

Election Thoughts and Silver Linings

  A Message to Donald Trump Supporters:

Hello. If you voted for Donald Trump and are reading this, thank you for taking time out of your day to do so. I hope you read this with an open mind and an open heart. Your comments and opinions are definitely welcome here on my blog, as long as they remain positive and contribute towards an honest, open and friendly dialogue. 

I will start off by saying that I can mostly respect political differences between Republicans and Democrats. With the exception of a couple of issues I feel very strongly about and believe there is a right and a wrong, I can generally respect political beliefs I don't necessarily agree with.

That being said, this past election was far beyond Republicans versus Democrats. Donald Trump was not your typical Republican candidate, let alone a politician. He is someone who is famous for telling his workers, "You're fired!" Donald Trump ran his campaign on what many would call a Hitler-like platform. Anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-women...I could go on, and the sad part is that by the time I'm done we are only left with pro-white male.

Now I know a lot of you are mad that Democrats are now labeling you as racist, sexist, homophobic, and elitist. Sadly, some of you are, and if you are I am not even going to address you because I know I can't change your mind and you are not even worth my breath nor my time right now. I want to address those who are not any of those terrible things, but still decided to cast their vote for Trump. At some point, you decided xenophobia, racism, and sexism was okay. You decided that it was okay for someone who is all of these things to represent the United States of America. For whatever reason, it was not a deal-breaker for you. Yes, I understand Hillary was a flawed candidate, but we are talking about national equality versus inequality due to hatred towards a minority group.

Since the election, there have been a TON of hate crimes directed at women, Muslims, gays, and racial minorities. Men are harassing women on the street saying they are going to "grab them by the pussy." Young kids are making fun of their classmates and chanting "build a wall!" I even heard a story of a boy standing on his chair in class and announcing that he could do whatever he wanted because he was white. I had a personal Facebook friend, who is Chinese American, write that him and his friend were verbally harassed while driving in L.A. and later the Thai restaurant they were eating at was egged. I had another personal Facebook friend write how she saw a man physically pushing another woman on the street, so she tried to stop it. The man pushed her away and told her, "You're powerless. You're a woman." 

These have all occurred within this past week!! And don't even get me started on the internet bullying. Hate crime is on the rise since Donald Trump got elected...since YOU voted him into office. These hate crimes are a direct result of your vote. Understand that. Yes, I know racism, etcetera has and always will exist. There is no denying that. But WHY are hate crimes relevant now more than ever? Because the President of the United States is supposed to be a leader and a role model to all. The President helps mold and shape the minds of our youth. And since President-elect Donald Trump is racist, doesn't respect women, and doesn't like gays, people like him feel justified in having their awful their thoughts and feelings. Now, in their mind, it is absolutely okay to harass, bully, and hurt innocent people because Mr. President Trump doesn't like those people either. They're going to get their rights taken away or get deported anyways, right? WRONG. Guys, this is not okay. It is not okay with me. It should not be okay with you. 

Right now, we need your help. You got your President. But that doesn't mean you need to be quiet when it comes to stopping racism, sexism, homophobia, or elitism. There are many things you can do to help, and I'll be listing more in the next segment of this post. For starters, if you see someone being harassed, try to stop it (as long as you are safe) or call the police. If you see internet bullying or distasteful posts, speak up! Or, at the very least, report it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and see if you can get it taken down. These people must be silenced! Calls to suicide hotlines have been on the rise, so see if you can work or volunteer your time at a crisis center. You can even join in on the protests against racism...the peaceful ones. DONATE! At the very least, invite someone who is a different race, religion, or sexual orientation into your home and make them feel welcome, accepted and SAFE. 

Please help. We need you. We need to be UNITED. Sure, we have differences on global warming, ISIS, and how to improve the economy. But when it comes to humanity, especially humanity within our own country, there is right and there is wrong. Do what is RIGHT. Help promote LOVE. Bring back JUSTICE. 

A Message to Hillary Supporters:

Wow. This past week has been emotionally and physically exhausting! I never thought I would say that about a presidential election. But here we are...confused, hurt, empowered all rolled into one. I feel like I haven't slept because my brain has been going nonstop, trying to make sense of what has been happening in our country. For the first time, right now, I feel like I am at a loss for words. I don't know what to say because I don't want to live in the past. What happened has happened, and what's done is done. 

What I do want to focus on in this post is, where do we go from here? What positive can we take away from something that could potentially set us back a hundred years? I asked my Facebook friends what were some of the silver linings that they were able to take away from the election results. Here's what they had to say: 

"That I knew die hard southern evangelicals, born and bred republicans, who broke with the party they've had all their lives because they recognized that fighting for LGBT rights, women's rights, immigrants' rights, were more important than a party label." -Jacqueline A. 

This is so true, and this is exactly why people are so upset. This election was beyond Republicans versus Democrats. This was about standing up for what is right and not letting a narcissistic reality TV star come in and delete history. Thank you to those who were able to recognize this. It gives me hope for the future. 

"While they may call themselves the 'silent majority' the changing demographics of the Nation are on our side for generations to come." -Kimberly Z.  

We are the future. We are a new generation. Let's continue to love and educate our children and our grandchildren about equality. WE are the ones who are going to have to live with Trump's heinous policies for the rest of our lives, so we have to make sure we do not become the new "silent majority."  

"We are Trump's boss now, he is a public-servant and directly accountable to us." -Daniel B. 

I found this silver lining very interesting. While people are worried about the future of Trump's policies, we have to remember that the president is elected by the people and FOR the people. It is now his job and duty to listen to what we have to say, especially because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Our votes did matter! And we have to continue to let our voices be heard! 

"People might actually FINALLY make waves for change. People don't change when they're comfortable... this is our challenge to make us grow...we must not forget this disappointment and let it fuel us... everyone drops off after elections but we have to fight for 2020." -Elise D. 

I had someone ask me, "Why are people so mad now? They haven't been doing anything this whole time to make things better, so why are they complaining?" My response was that this election was a huge wake up call for us. Everyone knew racism existed. It always will. But we didn't realize how bad it really was. We have always been comfortable because national policies have been moving towards a better, brighter future. Now, there's a chance that can all get taken away.

All of these silver linings have one thing in common. The FUTURE. This is our future, and we have to help shape it. How? Honestly, I don't have the perfect answer. Right now I'm doing some soul searching and getting back to what makes me happy. If I am happy and fully love myself, then I will be able to have a more positive, genuine impact on the future. My goal is by the 1st of the year to have a better vision for how I want to contribute and make my voice heard. Here are some ideas either myself or my friends have come up with: 

  • Work on future campaigns
  • Volunteer at organizations that mean something to you and will have a positive impact on our future
  • Donate
  • Create impactful art...write songs, make short films, write, photograph, you name it!  
  • Work at after school programs. We can help shape our youth
  • Contact your local and state representatives 
  • Protest peacefully 
  • Speak up! If you see someone being harassed, do what you can to stop it. 

Remember that the future of our country and of humanity depends on us! Let's not these next four years define us and our future. We must UNITE, stay STRONG, and DO GOOD. 


What are YOU going to do to help shape our future?



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