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Friday Favorites: October 31st-November 4th

Friday Favorites: October 31st-November 4th

Whew! What a week guys! Between not being able to sleep on Halloween because I was dumb and watched The Conjuring (my fault, I know) and the longest, most intense World Series game ever, I am pooped! I am really, really looking forward to enjoying this warm weather we've been getting in LA- maybe a pool day, picnic, a hike?? We'll see! 

Other updates...I FINALLY got a Twitter! I was holding out for the longest time...maybe too long...but I made an account so I can connect with y'all more! So go tweet me @tayashleyblog. There's also a link at the top. I also added a Subscribe button, so you can stay up to date! Please subscribe! I promise I won't spam you. for the Friday Favorites. I was originally just going to make one of the five favorites about the World Series. But there are just too many cool moments and feel good stories out there, and I couldn't decide what to talk about. I am not even a big sports or baseball fan AT ALL, but since my boyfriend is a big, BIG Cubs fan, I've been learning about and watching the series. Consequently, I got more invested than I ever thought I would. Now let's get to it! 

1. The Wrigley Field Wall 

As most of you already know (if you don't, I don't know what planet you live on) but this World Series win was the first time the Chicago Cubs have won since 1908....thats 108 years! Sadly, this means that many Cubs fans before us lived their entire lives without seeing their team win the World Series. One amazing thing I found out was that fans from all over Chicago went to Wrigley Field on Wednesday to write the names of their passed loved ones on the wall in chalk. SO. EMOTIONAL

2. Kris Bryant's Face

On a lighter note, did anyone see Kris Bryant's face when he fielded the final out of the game? It's everything. 

3. David Ross' Home Run

At 39 years old, this was David Ross' last game in the big leagues. It was definitely one of the coolest moments seeing him score a home run in the last and most important game of his career before he heads into retirement. Fun Fact: He is now the oldest player to ever score a home run in a Game 7 of the World Series. 

Image: Mashable


4. The Prediction from '93

On Wednesday night, Twitter blew up after a yearbook photo from 1993 surfaced. In '93 a Mission Viejo High School senior predicted that the Cubs would win the World Series this year. If only he could have predicted the star of The Apprentice being the Republican nominee for President of the United States. 


5. The Cubs Reactions

I think my favorite part of watching the World Series was simply just seeing all the players' reactions. I really have no words- just that this W meant so much to so many people, and a lot was riding on this. They brought that trophy home not just for themselves, but for all the Cubbie fans who have stood by them throughout history, despite the fact that they haven't won in decades. They are true champions. 

What were your favorite moments and stories from the World Series?

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