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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Hey hey! We are on the home stretch 'til Christmas guys! 9 DAYS!! The time is going by way too fast, but at least I am almost done with my Christmas shopping! Gotta get on that. Yesterday, my sister, Erica, and I made a last minute trip to Disneyland because we realized it was the last day of the year our annual passes were good until January, and we had to go to see the holiday decorations! It was also the last opportunity for us to ride the Hollywood Tower of Terror before they take it down, so I'm really glad we got to experience the "Final Check Out." Stay tuned for a Disney post about our adventures. 

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1. Bruno Mars Carpool Karaoke 

This was definitely one of the most entertaining Carpool Karaoke's. I've never been that big of a Bruno Mars fan, but I had the chance to see him a couple of weeks ago at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball and he put on an amazing show! His music is way better live than on the radio, so hearing him sing and seeing his personality in Carpool Karaoke was great! Who knew Bruno Mars was so fun? I guess we don't hear too much about Bruno in the news or tabloids, so it was cool getting to see a bit of who this mystery man is. 

Also, does anyone know what makeup Mr. Mars wears? Or is his face and skin just naturally really smooth looking and naturally contoured? 

2. "All I Want for Christmas" Carpool Karaoke

Guess what?! James Corden blessed us with not one, but TWO Carpool Karaoke's this week! Here we see the beautiful Mariah Carey sing "All I Want for Christmas" along with past Carpool Karaoke favorites. So fun! looked like everyone was having fun, except Mariah. Does the chick ever let loose and have fun, or is she just always so sophisticated and put together? Like, has Mariah ever uncontrollably laughed so hard she pees herself? Probably not. Or maybe that's just me. Ok moving on... 

3. Troian Bellisario's #FortDay Wedding

Any Pretty Little Liars fans out there? Well, Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer Hastings, got married this past weekend, and had the most fun and special wedding ever! I kept wondering why she kept using #FortDay in a lot of her posts, and now we finally have an explanation! Seriously, this is just too cool and romantic and EVERYTHING! 

8 years ago we were two friends who has shared very little time together. We were tired and overworked and just wanted to have some peace and quiet. So he invited me over to his apartment where he had built us a pillow fort. He stapled sheets and Christmas lights to the ceiling. We shut the door to the world outside. We didn't answer our phones. And over pancakes and movies. Long late night conversations and sleep. we got to know each other a little better. That was the first "Fort Day". Each year after that our fort got a little bigger until 3 years ago our fort was a brand new home. Our first that we bought together. And in the still and the quiet of that "fort day" he asked me to marry him. Well this year it wasn't about peace and quiet. Two days ago we decided to make the biggest fort we could dream of and we asked all our friends and family to come in it. Tents and talent shows. Food trucks and fires. Kids screamed "I Iove fort day!" before jumping into the pool. I can't believe something small between friends could be accepted and embraced by so many people that mean so much to us. And what that said To me was that any of the tough times we've had making 8 years of long distance work was worth it. The pining. The missing. The quiet nights alone believing that it would be worth it. We were right to believe in us. And not only did we believe @halfadams but everyone around us did too. #fortday2016 (thank you to the amazing @dreamsequences for this awesome photo)

A photo posted by Troian Bellisario (@sleepinthegardn) on

4. This Lost Photo

Ok, so this one is a bit sad, but I included it in Friday Favorites because it has a happy ending, and it shows the power of the internet and how compassionate people can be. Earlier this month, a girl named Saya Tomioka lost her boyfriend Griffin Madden in the Oakland warehouse fire earlier this month while attending Ghost Ship. She went to the internet to find a "lost photo" of them taken by a mystery photographer in Times Square. She says, "I remember tears swelling in my eyes because the city was so beautiful and amidst all the lights, I got to look at the brightest of all, my sweetie. I cried, and we kissed. Some random photographer captured this very moment, this very kiss...I've always longed to find this particular photograph and thank the photographer." After this post being shared hundreds of times, the photographer was found along with the photograph! Well done internet! Here is the touching post...

5. Dad Makeup Tutorial

To end on a lighter note, here is a Dad narrating a makeup tutorial. He's a natural.

What are your favorite moments from this week?

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