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The Bachelor Buzz: Week 8

The Bachelor Buzz: Week 8

This week on The Bachelor....HOMETOWNS! Woot woot! Well....let me say this. Normally, I look forward to the hometown dates. It's a nice little break from the usual setup of the show, so this week was no different. And of course, we were all a little too eager to meet Raquel. But, just like the rest of the season, I was left a little bit disappointed. Here is what went down: 


Raven's hometown date was, surprisingly, my favorite. Considering there is absolutely nothing to do in Hoxie, Arkansas, Raven had to pull out all of the stops. She first greets Nick by pulling up on an ATV wearing a pink helmet and daisy dukes, and I'm sure she scored some major points with guys across America. If she doesn't win this season, I'm sure she will have no problem finding a guy on Farmers Only. Nick seems quite impressed with her ATV skillzzzz and they ride over to some giant grain bins. 

At this moment, I had flashbacks of when I climbed a grain bin on my boyfriend's family farm and cried because I thought I was going to fall and break my neck. I also HATE ladders. The grain bin that Raven took Nick to had steps that wrapped around the bin, which would have saved me a lot of distress and embarrassment. Anyways, Raven takes Nick there because apparently people sit on grain bins to have deep, meaningful conversations. But then the PoPo show up and the two are taunted for a little bit for trespassing and not having any I.D. At this point, I expected Nick to pull the "well I'm The Bachelor card," but before he could we found out that the cop was actually just Raven's brother. Good one. Raven and Nick then spend the rest of the day portion of the date racing their ATV's and having wet t-shirt contests in leech filled swamp water. 

When we got to Raven's house we get to meet her parents and they seem so nice and normal. I guess I was expecting them to be super redneck, but they weren't, and they turned out to be my favorite parents of all the hometowns. We also found out that Raven's dad is now cancer-free, so cheers to that!


Next up...Rachel! This one wasn't as exciting to watch because we already know that Rachel is the next Bachelorette. I kept expecting something terribly bad to happen, but no. For her hometown date, Rachel took Nick to church. Not just any church though, a primarily black church. At first, Nick looked super uncomfortable and out of his element, but by the end he seemed at ease and the church did a great job of welcoming the both of them. Nick also kept saying that he grew up in the church and that "Amen is Amen," but considering we know a little too much about Nick's sexual history, I'm not too convinced he is a "God's man." 

Next, Nick got to meet everyone in Rachel's family, except her dad who she has talked about previously on the season. Every single conversation focused on the fact that she was black and he was white, and by the end I was like, "Why does it matter?" I am an Asian/Hispanic woman dating a white guy, and the fact that we are an interracial couple does not define us by any means. My race does not define me. I don't want other people to define me that way, so I don't treat it as such. I totally agreed with Nick when he said that he just sees Rachel for Rachel. So TBH, by the end of Rachel's hometown date I was a little annoyed because I wanted to learn more about her and her family outside of their race. 


For Corinne's hometown date in Miami, she took Nick to do something every guy loves!!! Seriously, this chick loves shopping so much that she is on a first name basis with every worker in every designer store. Poor Nick. I don't think he knew what he was getting himself into, but he was a good sport about it. I think Corinne was just using this as an opportunity to show off to the world how much money she has, and at the end she bought Nick a $3000 outfit with her daddy's AMEX. 

Meeting Corinne's family was the part we have all been patiently waiting for all  season. Everyone was so amped to meet Raquel, the nanny. And umm....this was the biggest let down of the season. She is very nice and very quiet, and the only thing I remember her saying was that she loves Corinne like her own daughter. 

Corinne's dad, however, was quite interesting and definitely rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know exactly what it was, but the guy thinks him and his hairy chest and gold necklace are the absolute shit. He even alluded to the fact that Nick does not make enough money to support a family, which I am sure isn't the case. He just doesn't have enough money to support Corinne's outrageous lifestyle and spending habits. 


For her hometown date in Canada, Vanessa first took Nick to meet her special education students, and it was the sweetest thing ever! It really does take a very special and selfless person to have that kind of job, so we were all reminded of what shitty people we are. Vanessa's students were so happy to see her, telling her that they loved her in between some tears. She showed them some photos of her time on the show, and they all collectively made a scrapbook of all of Nick and Vanessa's dates. 

Vanessa first took Nick to meet her mom's side of the family, which was huge. She also doesn't look anything like her parents or her brother. While they were very happy to see Vanessa, they expressed some concern that the couple hasn't talked too much about what they plan on doing after the show considering they live in different countries. I'm not sure how this slipped their minds, but last time I checked, talking about the future is a part of the whole getting engaged thing. Maybe that's just me. 

We also got to meet Vanessa's dad separately and he didn't seem too impressed either. When Nick asked for his blessing to marry his daughter, he asked Nick if he asked the other three sets of parents for their blessing as well. At first, Nick tried to play it off, but then finally admitted that yes, he did ask other parents the same question. This did not go over well with Vanessa's dad. And when Vanessa found out, this did not go over well with her either. We'll have to see how this ends up playing out. 

Back in NYC...

After all of the hometown dates, Nick and the girls head to...Brooklyn. Apparently ABC didn't want to splurge on a Manhattan hotel, so they had to settle for one in Brooklyn. We see Nick in his room contemplating on who he is going to send home. Then, there's a knock on the door. It's Andi Dorfman. To be continued... 

Which hometown date was your favorite this week?

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