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The Bachelor Buzz: Week 9

The Bachelor Buzz: Week 9

Umm...does anyone know why this week's episode was only an hour?? Not gonna lie, I was very upset about this. This week was cut short, and then next week's doozy of an episode is 3 hours, so I'm gonna have to stay up past my bedtime. Chris Harrison, this is not ok. Whatever season premier it was last night is not more important than our beloved Corinne who brings you all your ratings. Anyways...

Andi's Back

So last week we ended the episode with former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman showing up at the door of Nick's Brooklyn hotel room. In case you didn't know, Andi was the first Bachelorette to dump Nick on national television. He was the runner up to psychopath Josh Murray. Anyways, I still don't really know why Andi was in this episode since they didn't talk about much. I guess ABC just wanted to add some extra something to talk about. And Andi lives in NYC, so it's not like it cost them anything. 

During their little chat, Nick and Andi squashed whatever beef they had in the past. Obviously Nick was upset that she dumped him in front of the whole world right before he was about to get down on one knee. And she was upset that during her After the Final Rose episode, he asked her why she made love to him without being in love with him. Idk, I have to say I am #TeamNick on this one. It's a fair question. It sucks he asked it on TV, but that's part of the show, right? 

Andi continues to encourage Nick to have sex with all of the girls in the Fantasy Suite if he sees a potential future with them. Awkward. Nick then drops a huge bomb on us by saying that just because he is The Bachelor doesn't mean he is going to propose. No Nick, you have to propose. Given the circumstance that this is your fourth time on the show and you had your pick of thirty women, you have to propose. If you don't, America might hate your more than they hate Donald Trump. 

The Rose Ceremony

The final four women left in the season are Vanessa, Rachel, Corinne, and Raven. I am pretty sure everyone was expecting Rachel to get sent home considering she was already announced as the Bachelorette. Like, how much longer can you keep her on the show? If she makes it to the final two girls, it may be the most UNdramatic season finale of all time. 

But no, it wasn't Rachel who got sent home. It was Corinne. Our lovely, lovely Corinne. I think Bachelor Nation was convinced he would dump her after the Fantasy Suites because he needed to get it in her "platinum vagine," but no. I guess after last week's hometown date, he decided that his D is only Cleo's grade sterling silver and is not compatible with her platinum V. 

We don't really get to see a conversation between her and Nick, but as they are walking out she stops and starts apologizing. This is the most un-Corinne thing we have seen all season, and for those two seconds I actually felt for her. On a more serious note, as women, it is for some reason our instinct to apologize for things that are not our fault. When we get dumped, we automatically think that we did or said something wrong because there is so much pressure on us to be perfect. We, as women, are scrutinized way more than men, so when Corinne started apologizing I felt bad for her. Girl, don't apologize for doing you. You didn't do anything wrong. You are not evil. You may be a little cray cray, but you deserve love too. 

In the limo ride, I couldn't quite tell if Corinne was genuinely upset or not. She was sort of crying, but also sort of smiling. She knows damn well that this ain't the end of her time on The Bachelor franchise. However, I did appreciate her sentiment about not trying to impress men or always trying to say or do what we think men want. This is so true and with that, we say goodbye to Corinne...for now. 

Fantasy Suite with Raven

By now, Nick and Co. are in Finland, and honestly there is so much snow it looks absolutely miserable. It's beautiful, but wearing that many layers of down feathers is not very romantical.  

Raven gets the first one-on-one date of the week, and this week happens to be the very anticipated Fantasy Suite week! As I'm writing this I honestly can't remember what they did on their date, but it's really not that important. What is important is the two giant bombs Raven dropped at dinner. It's like The Bachelor version of Hiroshima and Raven's ex is some poor little Japanese man (I'm Japanese, so I'm allowed to say that). Before we get into what Raven said, we just need to take a moment for Nick's turtleneck sweater. 

Bomb #1. Raven finally tells Nick that she is in love with him. We knew she wanted to tell him last week at her hometown, but she couldn't quite get it out. She has never told anyone before that she loved them, including her ex-boyfriend who she was with for a couple of years. 

Bomb #2. Raven has never had an orgasm. She says this right after she receives the Fantasy Suite date card. Let me remind you again that Raven was in a long term relationship previously. No pressure, Nick. 

The episode abruptly ended with Nick and Raven cuddling up in their Fantasy Suite, which was pretty sweet, btw. It looked like a little hut with giant windows in the ceiling facing the Northern Lights. Hopefully, ABC provided the perfect backdrop for Raven to experience her first big O. Alright y'all...'til next week! 

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