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The Bachelor Buzz: Week 6

The Bachelor Buzz: Week 6

Wuddup Bachelor Nation! How are we already at Week 6?! Knowing that The Bachelor is on makes my Mondays a little bit easier, but as each week passes I get sad that we are closer and closer to the end, which means that I will have nothing to look forward to anymore. The new MTV Challenge series is starting (yes, it's still on and yes, I still watch it) so I guess I have that. And Vanderpump Rules.

Anyways, this week's episode was quite the doozy. Nick sent home six girls and I don't think he can handle. Maybe he will throw in the towel and see if they will let him on Paradise again. It's less pressure, and at least he will have Jorge the Bartender serving him bottomless margaritas so he can drink away his sorrows. I think that's what I would do if I realized I was 36 and sucking at finding love on national television....Here's how this week's episode went. 

The Return of the Taylor 

So on last week's two-on-one date, Nick sent the not so mentally healthy mental health counselor Taylor home. Corinne stayed, and in the middle of her and Nick's one-on-one dinner, Taylor decided to show up to "speak her peace." Nick did not look happy, but being the gentleman that he is, he sat there and listened to her talk about how Corinne lied to him. I think he responded with something like following his heart, aka his D. 

The Rose Ceremony

Chris Harrison walks into the mansion during the time that would normally be their weekly cocktail party. He announces that Nick has already made his decision on who he wants to send home, so they will not be having a cocktail party that evening and instead, will just go straight to the rose ceremony. 

The girls who get sent home are Josephine and Jaimi. Surprise, surprise. It was about time. But I think we were all a little heartbroken to see Alexis go. I can see why Nick maybe put her in the friend zone, but why did she have to go? She was awesome. RIP DolphinShark. 

One-on-One Date: Sob Story of the Year

The girls arrive on the Virgin Island of St. Thomas. Per usual, ABC shows the girls running through their penthouse suite of the Mariott trying to decide who is going to get what room. One girl is like, "Oh, look! There's a balcony!" so they all run to the balcony and scream Nick's name as he flies by on an airplane. Casual. 

Kristina is chosen to get the first date of the week. I honestly can't remember what they did for the day part of the date because what she talked about during dinner basically took over the entire show. She started off talking about her childhood since she is originally from Russia. She grew up very poor, so poor that she had to eat lipstick since they didn't have any food. One day when she was 5 or 6 years old, she was hungry so she did what any child (or human being for that matter) would do and ate some of the food that was in their home. She said that when her mom came home and found out she ate the food, her mom threw her out of the house.... WHAT?! 

Kristina continued living as a starving orphan in Russia, until one day she was adopted by an American family. They said that if she continued to live in Russia her world would be black and white, but if she moved to America she would see the world in color. Did you hear that Mr. Trump? 

By the end of the story Nick was almost in tears, but what else is new. I started laughing because I literally did not know how to respond from the intensity of the story. Five of us just sat in shocked silence. It makes all the other girls' "sob stories" of their grandparents dying seem like nothing. I get it's sad when grandparents die, but that's what grandparents do. They die. Obviously Nick gave Kristina the rose to stay one more week because how can you not? He would be straight up evil if he didn't, and Kristina earned some major cred in my book. 

Group Date: Drunk Volleyball

For the group date in St. Thomas, Nick takes the girls to the beach to do shots and play volleyball. Not a good combination. The women on the date are Vanessa, Raven, Danielle M., Corinne, Rachel and Jasmine. They play 3 v 3 beach volleyball while Nick keeps score. They are drunk. It's hot. Literally the worst idea ever. Obviously they all start to get a bit frustrated. By the middle of the date they each split up and pout on the beach questioning their decision to come on the show.   

Jasmine is especially upset because she is the only one who still has not gotten a one-on-one date with Nick. Girl, have you seen the show? Do you know how many weeks it's been? Do you know how many girls he started with, and do you know how many one-on-one dates there have been? Calm the F down. But Jasmine does not calm the F down. Instead, she confronts Nick which actually started out okay. When Nick started to respond she just kept talking...and talking...basically, every dude's worst nightmare. The "conversation" took a real left turn when she started talking about how she wanted to choke him. Like 50 Shades style. She even went as far as putting her hand up on his neck. Multiple times. Nick was like, "Ehh, I don't think I'm into this" and sent her packing. GIRL, BAI. 

Two-on-One Date: Numero Dos

This is the first time that I can remember there ever being two two-on-one dates in a season. The lucky girls are Danielle L. (who they actually refer to as D. Lo) and Whitney. I didn't even know there was a Whitney on the show, but we'll roll with it. 

For their date, Nick takes them on a helicopter ride because if there isn't a helicopter ride, is it even really a Bachelor date? They land on a beach where Nick talks to them each separately. He starts talking to D. Lo, abruptly stops their conversation, and goes to talk to Whitney who is casually sitting on a four-post bed in the middle of the beach. He immediately sends her home, and D. Lo thinks she has this one in the bag. We all think D. Lo has this one in the bag. The two of them hop back on the helicopter to continue on with the rest of their date, while Whitney is left standing by herself on the beach. At least she has Olivia.

At dinner, D. Lo and Nick talk and she confesses to him that she is falling in love with him. Nick. Looks. Miserable. Bruh, the hottest girl out of 30 just told you she is falling in love with you and that's how you react? Nick sends her home too and everyone watching realizes that their fantasy league brackets are fucked.

Meanwhile, the rest of the girls are sitting in the hotel, and the guy who is in charge of taking away the suitcases is amped because he gets to make a double appearance. Nick eventually shows up in tears, of course. Between the crying and the mumbling, it was a little hard to understand what he was saying. But I think the gist of it was that he isn't sure if this whole thing is gonna work for him and he might not be able to fall in love with any of them. Ouch.   

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